A burst geyser can turn into a big problem very quickly. Please contact us immediately if your geyser has just burst.

  • Switch off the geyser isolator switch on the main electrical distribution board.
  • Open a hot water tap for a few minutes, this will relieve the pressure from the geyser.
  • Turn off the water supply at the water mains.

Malfunctioning Geyser Components

A few typical signs of geyser components malfunctioning are –

Water dripping from the geyser overflow pipe: A geyser is fitted with a pressure control valve which often drips on the overflow pipe. An intermittent drip, caused by water in the geyser heating and cooling, is normal. However, if the drip becomes continuous it is a sign that the geyser or one of its components is malfunctioning.

Overheating or steam escaping from the overflow: When the geyser’s thermostat fails it may cause the water to boil and result in the temperature safety valve opening up to prevent the geyser from bursting. This is potentially dangerous and must be seen to immediately. Switch the geyser off on the electrical main distribution board. Open a hot water tap, this will allow for the hot water to drain from the geyser while letting in cold water.

A lack of hot water or geyser tripping the electricity: This is often the result of the geyser thermostat or element malfunctioning.